Don't you think survivors from Hurricane Katrina would rather have a Home for Christmas than a gun?

I think the NRA is having a problem tracking down the gun owners because there are probably a number without a steady job, without a permanent address. As a nation, we should examine our rights. I'm not saying here that we ought to dismantle Amendment #2, but there is no amendment assuring citizens humane shelter. Maybe our priorities are all out of whack.

weeHouse for Large Gathering

The cold and the dark didn't manage to scare off too many of the local crowd as the latest model of the weeHouse opens its doors to the curious. Conversation, food, wine and ambiance entertain total strangers for an enchanting evening in Linden Hills. Enjoy the image. Someone had to stand in the cold (without shivering) and take this steady night shot.

2007 Holiday Open House

A huge THANKS (can it get any bigger than that?) to the pals who made the 2007 not-so-weeHouse Open House oh-so-fab! Here are some pictures of the fun ...

I'm In!

Lets Party!

wee's for ALL

I am really looking forward to the day that Alchemy designs+builds a weeWoof dog house!