wee loves the view!

It's been a big week for the weeHouse. Over the river(s) and through (many) woods wee traveled to arrive in the beautiful Oceanside community. Site work is ongoing including siding, deck, stairs and misc. finish work, but the weeHouse doorbell is in!

As the 17th weeHouse built in the US, it was the first to have two birth places. Due to unfortunate events with the first factory, production was moved to the Stratford plant in Rathdrum, ID. A highly efficient team and project manager built this house in very short order. Alchemy is so pleased to have worked with them.

Scott from Alchemy was there to do the 'set' along with the client's general contractor, who'll be finishing up the job. As the house finishes up, we'll post pix as we're able. However, being respectful of our client's privacy we'll be limiting the exposure. As with most of our projects, I'm sure some media will pick it up and we'll keep you updated on our Web site.

Meanwhile, this is a great representation of the weeHouse standard PAIR. Enjoy!

Color My weeWorld

New photos from the Cobleskill weeHouse, set last Fall. Exciting to see how color helps define the spaces and add visual interest that complements the ever-so-epic views! Oh, and of course we also needed to post the most important one of weeKittie, too!

'Twas the night before setting ...

when all through the weeHouse, the only things moving were wheels on the truck ...
Okay, I'll stop!

But we're all very excited to hear about the Oceanside, OR weeHouse installation on Wednesday. I have a couple of pictures from the factory to share here, and when Scott sends back some on-site images, of course we'll post those, too. This is the 17th built weeHouse, and the first of 2009. It's been a long time coming (oh yeah, there's a big story there), and we are thankful to have clients who have seen this wee through.

wee bit of 'green' for green idea$?

From Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (www.greenroofs.org), this just 'in' regarding a possible financial incentive for those interested in either commercial or residential green roofs. Since we think green roofs on top of weeHouses would be sah-wee-t (dare-I-say a "GweeN Roof"?), we're all about following this story!

Senator Maria Cantwell (WA) Introduces Green Roof Tax Incentive

[January 30, 2009] Senator Maria Cantwell from Washington State introduced the Clean Energy Stimulus and Investment Assurance Act of 2009 (S.320) legislation on Monday January 26 that, if adopted, would provide financial incentives for commercial and residential green roof installation. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and the American Society of Landscape Architects worked together to help draft the section of the bill that is focused on the green roof incentive.