wee's not getting any younger . . .

Although Alchemy gets quite a few calls about building new weeHouses, or simply new houses, we also get a fair number of calls about staying renovating existing houses (which we love to do!). 

Adapting a home for a changing lifestyle is a terrific design challenge. Lot of variables and considerable constraints make experienced designers all the more helpful. Maybe a young family is growing, so they're thinking about more space. Often, a family is rooted in their community and they're thinking about making an existing space 'smarter' for their lifestyle. And more and more people are asking us about 'mother-in-law' weeHouses, or growing 'outside' their existing box. Lots of options, lots of choices.

Locally, the University of MN is taking a look at design that optimizes "aging" at home. Since wee's not getting any younger, we're looking forward to seeing it. Here's the info.: 

Smart House, Livable Community, Your Future

February 5 - May 22, 2011

The first of 70 million Baby Boomers will reach age 65 in 2011. The size and impact of this post-World War II generation will challenge America’s resources, communities, and concepts of what it is to be a “senior.”  An AARP survey quoted in the Wall Street Journal (9/19/09) found that 85% of surveyed individuals age 50+ said they wish to remain in their community for as long as possible.
What does the desire to continue living independently mean for the design of homes for aging Baby Boomers, and for the design of communities?   Housing Studies professor Marilyn Bruin and Masters student Jodene Riha will address these questions in the upcoming exhibition, Smart House, Livable Community, Your Future, at the Goldstein Museum of Design (GMD), College of Design, University of Minnesota (February 5-May 22, 2011).