wee be Busy!

It's been crazy-busy here at Alchemy from the marketing point of view! Last weekend we participated in the first (but certainly to-be-annual) MN AIA Homes by Architects Tour, featuring the Loft Renovation done by Geoffrey Warner and Scott Ervin. It was amazing to hear all the great comments from the 425 (or so) attendees. The clients were epic and oh-so-generous with their hosting, and overall, we were happy to feature not only our work, but that of our friends, too. Scott McGlasson's (Woodsport) work is throughout the loft and got lots of oo's and ah's. NICE.

We had two weeHouses going on over the past few weeks (both built by Simplex Homes in Scranton, PA) and I'm anxiously awaiting some updated photos to post! The Esopus NY weeHouse (custom) features beautiful details from Kohler. Looking forward to a photo opp with those! The Cobleskill NY weeHouse is just 'set' and per the project manager, Scott Ervin, is being painted and plumbed-up and electrified as I type. This weeHouse is the 2X side by side pair and also features elegant, contemporary fixtures from Kohler along with an amazingly lovely "green" bamboo floor from Teragren. Both Kohler and Teragren are reliable vendors with quality, design-conscious products that are perfect complements to the weeHouse. We so appreciate working with them. Here are some photos for starters ... waiting for more.

The amazing building front of the SPECS Optical store in Minneapolis has now been completed! Some super-coolio planters were designed, cut from aluminum, and added just last week. We're hoping to have a BRIGHT IDEA party in late October to celebrate it all.

From October 16-30, the Saturn weeHouse STUDIO will be available to tour at A Clean Break, part of Design Philadelphia, 2008. Since wee will be out East, I'm hoping to have open houses at both the Cobleskill and Esopus weeHouses on October 11, 12. Confirmation to be posted and also weeMailed (so be sure to be on our list)!

As far as dogs go ... this week we've had my niece's white boxer here keeping Hazelnut company. How lucky are wee?!

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