not-so-weeHouse update

We were able to get some new photos of the not-so-weeHouse referred to as the Johnson Creek weeHouse on our Web site gallery. I'm happy to share a few here, but please see more at

"wee" looks forward to working with you!


Yolanda said...

What kind of siding is this? At first I thought it was wood, but on closer inspection it looks like some sort of oxidized metal. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi there, and thanks for your interest. This weeHouse used 'container siding' which is cement fiberboard (sometimes referred to as Hardy Panel) that's been painted with an oxidizing paint. There are actually small metal fragments in the paint that oxidize over time so the patina of the paint continues to evolve. It's a great option for weeHouse owners, wee thinks. Thanks for thinking it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

joined as the modules? are only supported and set in the stirrups in steel? thanks