wee out West


Although "wee" calls the prairie home, it's decided to venture out West in partnership with a preservation community in the Black Hills of South Dakota (well, 'out East' to those of you already out West!).

THE RIM at Red Canyon Ranch yields epic views that make a perfect setting for the weeHouse's wall of floor to ceiling windows. The wee's small footprint treads lightly on this idyllic site as well, making mother nature happy (we assume as no thunder claps yet).

Black Hills Wilderness Preservation CommunityTM is wee's first "pardner" so-to-speak. A lot of people ask about representing the weeHouse in certain territories, but this is the first organization to make it work. We are so looking forward to sleeping under the stars! And certainly welcome you making your home campfire with us. 

Homesteads at The Rim begin at $175,000, and offer weeHouse as well as other "Retreat Architecture" packages. Take a look—and be one of the first to put a wee Home on the Range!

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