wee is so "Continental"

wee knows the idea of prefabrication isn't new.
And wee knows that modular construction has been around for years.
So with all that history, wee is still surprised that the idea of living small and efficiently and well-designed is 'news'. But, it is. And Alchemy + their weeHouses + their "tightwad panache" renovations are humbled to often be featured in articles like this one that stress that idea.

Every week the Alchemists have conversations with people around the world about the possibilities of building their weeHouse. I've never figured out the actual rate of build-to-conversation, but I'd guess it's one in two-hundred or so (figuring we field a minimum of 10 conversations per week).  The piece of the pie that Alchemy holds for new house builds is tiny ... let's say a dieter's dream portion ... but it's mighty. Mighty fine indeed.

It's not every day you get to design a house. And not every house can be a wee. But when it happens, it's one mighty fine gig to be a part of.

It's also not every day you get to jet around the world. But, if you happen to be jetting on Continental Airlines, take a look at this article in their in-flight magazine. wee is flying high now!

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