Green Barnhouse in Western Wisconsin

Alchemists live in the Midwest and we love barns. Our clients love barns. Everyone loves barns. Can you imagine a house that took all the great things about barns and left those other things to the cows?

Alchemy designed a custom house using 19th century simplicity and 21st Century technology including:
  • Barn siding with light filtering through
  • Few, but large openings
  • A sleeping loft and bedrooms in the cellar
  • And, of course, Barn Space: an open 2-story room with two volumes inserted within. One in steel, the other in ash strips, they provide under-and over spaces like a hayloft (without the smell).
The green BarnHouse uses passive solar design and features advanced framing, spray foam insulation, locally sourced materials, and concrete and wood floors with in-floor heat powered by a geothermal system. Local General Contractors and Tradesmen are doing the site-building.

Alchemy is pleased to share the architectural rendering and now (drum roll, please) client photos of the site work!

Summer and Winter Site Views, 2008

Geothermal Prep Work, 2009

Foundation Prep Work, 2009:

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