A weeHouse in the Mountains

It's been a long and winding road for this weeHouse, but finally, it has landed! The Palomar Mountain weeHouse, originally seen at Dwell on Design in 2007, is home on its very own pier foundation nestled amid glorious evergreens and sweeping views.

Originally scheduled to be prefabricated completely in factory, this weeHouse ended up needing a significant amount of on-site button up labor, too. The specs have all remained the same from the weeHouse MEDIUM it was designed to be, but due to delays outside the control of the clients, architects, and general contractor including a factory closing and very complicated site-work, it was stored for over a year in-between its perch at Dwell and its home outside of San Diego.

Alchemy knows from experience that it takes a mighty fine trio of client + contractor + architect to complete a weeHouse. weeThanks them all for their skill, patience, and tenacity to make it a go-go.


Anonymous said...

What is the material on the exterior of this wee house?

Betsy said...

Cement fiberboard is used on the exterior of this weeHouse. It's then painted with a primer that contains metal filings in it. A diluted acid-spray is used on top of the primer to activate the particles creating that 'rust' look.

Plant closings are always a concern. Alchemy works with licensed and bonded independently owned factories. We've gone through a plant closing, actually, and it wasn't fun! Our client's contracts are with Alchemy, not with the factories, so Alchemy ensures that the project will be built.

Anonymous said...

Hello! We are in love with this particular weeDesign. How might I acquire a rough floorplan and particulars if we wish to order something very near the same?