Factory Seminar on Modular Building

One of the independent factories we work with to build our weeHouses, Simplex, is hosting an online seminar about the benefits of modular building. Simplex also manufactures "traditional" modular homes, so you may see examples of gable roofs, etc.. Since the process is essentially the same as a weeHouse build, I thought that you might find this useful. Please note: this is not a sales pitch on the weeHouse!

We also have a lot of information—including links to more information!—on our Web site (www.weehouse.com) under 2010 weeHouses>FAQ. And, of course, we're always happy to speak with you over the phone or online to answer questions.

Here's the Simplex seminar info:
Tuesday April 6, 2010 at 7pm EST Simplex Industries will be hosting
a new home planning seminar titled "Why Modular Makes Sense/Cents".

The seminar will be hosted by
Dave Boniello, Vice President of Marketing and Development
and Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales at Simplex

Some of the topics that will be covered in this seminar include:
· Learn what the modular process is and how it works
· True custom designing to meet your needs
· Learn about green building costs and benefits
· Learn about energy star costs and benefits
· How to establish a budget so you can look at the right home
· What you need for financing
· Learn how the speed of modular construction can help reduce your financing costs
Click on the link below to register. https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/226134768

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