wee goes off-grid

Bill and Mary Griffith have converted their modestly sized weeHouse into a off-grid oasis. With the addition of a fully functioning PV array this summer, Bill reports, "we are sending power back into the grid! It's pretty cool to watch." Think of it as a power station for the neighborhood. By sending power back into the grid you're actually helping to power your neighbor's house with sustainable energy.

Although the Moab weeHouse is planned to be a weeZero in the future, this is, for the record, Alchemy's first Net Zero weeHouse. And wee is thanking entrepreneurial and incredibly good-earth-minded clients for that. It's a perfect example of 'phasing in' your dream weeHouse. (The weeHouse was 'set' in Fall 2008.) The house is located near Albany, NY, so look-out-mother-nature ... wee'll be taking you on as you dish lots of snow and cold weather. In the winter months, the Griffith's enjoy warm floors from the in-floor heat system powered by a solar hot water collector on the roof, and when the sun's not shining they use an efficient wood burning fireplace to stay cozy.

With 2+ dozen or so weeHouses built to date, all of our clients are "early adopters" on the sociology scale, but when you're also a pioneer in creating 'the first' ... it's even more darn special. wee hopes you enjoy a very, very long sustainable, low impact lifestyle in high style. For more information about Net Zero weeHouses see www.weehouse.com.

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tom said...

wow that makes you the original "power couple" nice, tom