a week of wee

Every Tuesday we have a meeting to go over current weeHouse projects. We call it a weeCap (yeah, I know, we stretch that 'wee' word, don't wee?). I think the best part is probably the bagels, but the next best is getting updates on where our clients 'are' with their process:

* the Cobleskill, NY weeHouse now has its foundation, and the 'set' is 'set' for mid-August (there might be delays, but hey! it's a date)

* the Esopus, NY weeHouse is being fabricated as I type, and is scheduled to be 'set' in late July (again, might change...)

* the near Oceanside, OR weeHouse is also in the middle of fabrication and is happening this late summer/Fall

and we anticipate a 'set' in the area of Dundee, NY in 2008 as well.

You can see pictures of these homes on the Web site under Genuine weeHouses > Gallery > In Progress. We traditionally name the weeHouses after their geographic location, but sometimes we actually get clever and come up with something different. When you build your own weeHouse, feel free to weigh-in on that.

Other news is that the build-a-wee section of the site IS, honestly, close to 'being there'. We have high hopes that it'll be as coolio as the build-a-Mini Cooper site! Our goal is to get it done by mid- to late-July. Thanks for your patience.

That's about it for this week ... with the exception of the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER post.

Attached is a new picture of the FIRST AlchePup: Siena. Named after the lovely Italian city, she's a bone-i-fied member of doggie-AARP at 14 (human years). Clearly she has the Italian/Sophia Loren beauty and longevity secrets down. We all adore her, and thank you for understanding when you hear her barking (rather than us) on the phone as you call in.

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