Hot Fun in the Sun

This week was busy for the Alchemy staff. We received our first ever dental office commission which brings with it all kinds of interesting design challenges including (by priority of the Alchemists):
1. SOUND control (who wants to hear that drill?)
2. INTERESTING CEILINGS (after all, what'cha lookin' at while you're in that chair, anyhow?)
3. BUDGET (the equipment ain't cheap)

We're also working on a new prospective weeHouse-on-a-rooftop project for Brooklyn, NY. And having an amazing time managing 3 weeHouses 'on-the-line' at our various factory partners. We're also hot-to-trot for some partnership ideas we're getting from The Fusion Companies. They've put together solar 'kits' for each size weeHouse. These'd be optional accessories for the wee, but who doesn't love a good accessory? Especially when it's new, affordable, and well, helps you stay 'hot'?

Geoffrey Warner attended the MoMA's Opening Night for the Home Delivery prefab show. It was a wonderful night to be an architect (well, most nights are) and more-than-just-interesting to be able to see what others are thinking about for the future of prefab.

We were very sad to say good-bye to Siena (see previous Dog Days of Summer post). After 14+ years of being the primary AlchePup, she was too worn out to go further. ¡Ciao! Bella Siena.

For a breather in the Dog Days posts, thanks to the owners who are also graciously gifting us with photos of their weeHouse progress, we're pleased to have you meet a future weeHouse inhabitant:

Greetings from Katahdin, a MaineCoonCat named after Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine. Called Kat-ah-din by people local to the peak and by the Penobscot Indians, the term means "The Greatest Mountain". Katahdin does live up to its name but generally spends most days in wee spaces like this ... and expects to be perr-fectly happy in my new weeHouse this Fall.

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