Last Dog Days in July

Hard to believe that July will be over next week. August is full of site visits for prospective weeHouses, staff vacations, and getting ready for a Fall full of travel. Alchemy will be at Design Philadelphia in mid-October (details forthcoming), we'll also be hosting two open houses in New York State (yes! VERY exciting) the weekend of October 11, 12. You'll be able to walk-a-wee outside of Albany, NY (see progress photos below) or outside of Esopus, NY. Be sure you're signed up on weeMail to get the detailed announcement we'll send in September.

Also, what's your feedback on our solar/wind options for the weeHouse? About one out of every five phone calls and emails wanted to know about off-grid, or at least grid-optional, operations for the weeHouses. We think we found a great solution in Fusion.

Another question we're often asked is "Can I move my weeHouse later if I buy land elsewhere?" Technically, for a 1x wee, the answer is "yes, you can" but it would require removing the weeHouse from a permanent foundation. Not so easy, and most likely, not too cost-effective. We note that the weeHouse is not a weeWheelie ... it really isn't mobile unless it's designed that way from the very start (see the Saturn weeHouse on our Web site). So, think of your weeHouse as a permanent home—well, at least until you want to build another one!

Speaking of permanent (not) ... this week's Dog Days photo is of Pepsi, a foster-puppy that I'm taking care of for a few weeks 'til she finds a permanent home. Of course she got to come to work one day!

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