Oceanside, OR weeHouse

weeHouses are being built from coast-to-coast!

Clients from Oceanside, OR were kind enough to share these pictures of their lot (pre- and post-clearing; saved the trees, cleared the brush) and their foundation progress. You can see their weeHouse drawing on our Web site (weehouse.com) under weeHouse>gallery>in progress (labeled as Tillamook) if you'd like. 

The design is similar to the Cobleskill, NY weeHouse (see other foundation pictures in this Blog) in that they both started out as weeHouse PAIRS. It's exciting, however, to see how each client has made the PAIR their 'own' by adding a porch/deck/stairs ... other things that make a weeHouse "theirHouse". Lovely.

And their view! Epic.

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