wee ROCKS the BOAT

So ... it's still summer. And it's still Friday. We had an amazing bbq on the dock, and yet something felt 'off' ... oh yeah! ... we weren't sippin' brewski's and eating our chips on WATER. With 10,000+ lakes in Minnesota (Minnie, per me), there's plenty of opportunity to float. But wee likes houses ... so what to do? Well, design a weeHouse BOAT, of course. 

Here are some first drawings (you'll have to imagine the pontoon floaters underneath). We do have a manufacturer/factory partner. So if YOU would like a weeHouse BOAT, let us know. Maybe you can be the first to float-a-wee!

Meanwhile, cheers to at least four-more summer Fridays ... and for those of you who live where it's always summer, well, lucky you!

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