Esopus weeHouse: ready! SET ...



... and it's just about ready to be a 'go' ... but being a "go-go" in a multi-module weeHouse takes a few weeks of additional work by local contractors and craftsmen.

Pictures of the Esopus weeHouse 'set' were graciously taken by a friend who lives in the area, Lisa Hartmann (an artist by nature (see, so we knew she'd have 'the eye'). The project manager and designer, Beth Nelson, was also on hand with the owners as were the soon-to-be weeOwners of the Cobleskill weeHouse. One of the owners is an architect herself and suggested many variations to our standard weeHouse designs to create this custom weeHouse.

In the project manager's words:
"Built on a ridge top near the Catskills area of New York state, the Esopus weeHouse is a two bedroom, two bath primary residence totaling just under 1400 SF. Very much a custom weeHouse design, the house is comprised of three modules—two at ground level and one above—plus a small "bonus module" for the stairs. The floor plan and window placement were carefully conceived both to take advantage of the spectacular view and to meet the distinct needs of the client.

In addition to the customized layout, the house contains a number of other notable custom features including:
  • upgraded finishes
  • a larger than average kitchen and master bath
  • an extensive wrap-around deck
  • an integrated screend porch

Of all the custom elements, however, perhaps the most stunning is a second floor lofted library/yoga space overlooking a double-height living area. Underscoring the idea that "custom" doesn't necessarily mean "more expensive," all of these features were designed with a keen eye towards cost and budget. The modular portion of the project came in at approx. $230,000, or $165 SF."

Please keep in mind that while executing a weeHouse project, our clients also budget in the cost of land, prep including landscaping and foundation work, transportation of the modules, hook-ups, and the 'set'. Since these are incurred at local levels using local labor, prices vary greatly.

Overall it was a lovely day for a 'set' in a forest setting ... and although the wee looks a little rough around the edges now, according to the client the finishing touches are moving along just fine (although as with any home project ... it always takes longer than you think!).

Enjoy the pictures; we'll post more as we get them. Also, look for a weeMail announcement for an Open House in NY State the weekend of October 11-12. (Sign up for weeMail on our Web site: We know how much people love to walk-a-wee!

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